Sunday, April 12, 2009

Social Bookmarking Tools - Introduction To Diigo

The amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming, how do you find and organize useful websites? As a drug information pharmacist I have 300+ favorites saved in my web browser which I refer to on a regular basis. I have accumulated these resources over several years and organized them into folders in my web browser. Each folder has websites that are useful for answering a specific drug information question (ex. drug interactions, herbal products, immunizations, etc).
Social bookmarking is a relative new way to save and organize bookmarks in an online environment. In addition to saving your own bookmarks, the social aspect allows you to share your bookmarks with others and find useful bookmarks added by other members. This slidecast presentation is an overview of Diigo, a social bookmarking website that has many addition tools, like highlighting and WebSlides presentation. For those that are interested, my Diigo bookmarks can be found here.
Diigo Prezi Presentation
As I mentioned in a previous post I have been experimenting with a presentation tool called Prezi. The concept map I created in that last post helped to organize the content I wanted to used, but I found Prezi quite difficult to use even with the assistance of the help section. Despite the steep learning curve, I still like Prezi and will continue to experiment with it in future presentations.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Changes to PubMed

Check out a post by The Krafty Librarian on recent and upcoming changes to PubMed. For the average user this screencast from The Mayo Clinic Libraries’ Liblog outlines the new advanced search feature that will replace many of the functions that are currently on the main page.